Whenever my mind wants to crave for something sweet and contains caffeine as a whole,
Dr.Inc is the place to satisfy all my needs.
Love this place to bits especially the outdoor seating with the fan blowing at you, thats
where you think about life, deeply.
Ya’know, everything here is so classic, it reminds me of 80’s-90’s, things that Generation X used
to deal with.

Recent rally happened in Kuala Lumpur city is to inform the Prime Minister to step down and face
However, the Prime Minister of Malaysia assumed that the rally is destroy the Malaysian unity as well as
it is a plot to sabotage the PM reputation.
Honestly,  the messages, not rumor, that have been spread is very obvious – the message even spread world-wide.

What intrigued my mind was, is the PM of Malaysia really that dumb for not understanding the message
relayed by the People or is he pure innocent fighting for his rights.

What a shame.


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